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At Korbond our goal is simple, "100% On Time, Every Time" and this goes well beyond getting the right products to the right place at the right time. We believe everything we do should be done 100%, whether its working with each other, our suppliers or customers, in anything we do from the simplest of interactions to the most complex of projects.

We achieve this by following these six foundational pillars:


understand & support the customer

>Our approach is flexible and customer centric, offering customised solutions to each retailer

We have built a wealth of experience in servicing the retail sector and supply our products to over 5000 outlets across the UK and Europe, including; major supermarkets, convenience chains, high street & department stores, online platforms and Independent retailers. We also work in collaboration with wholesale and distribution partners to serve our products to their customers. We offer flexible product and merchandising solutions and will work with each customer to tailor the range to suit their retail environment and their consumer. Our team will provide support with the product selection, offering guidance and sales performance on the bestselling items as well as category information on the latest trends. We also support the instore and online implementation of the range with plannograms, photography, videos and product support to ensure that the range is efficiently & effectively maintained, and easy for the consumers to navigate. We will constantly monitor and maintain the category, suggesting regular range reviews and continual improvements to maximise the return on investment.


efficient service & delivery models

>We offer a flexible service portfolio to suit the needs and demands of our customers and their supply chain

We offer retailers a range of models to suit their service requirement and pricing strategy for the category. We accommodate the following service methods; FOB, DC Deliveries, Cross Dock Picking To DC, Direct To Store, Drop Ship To Consumer as well as an integrated in store merchandising solution.

A specialist service we offer is a fully integrated vendor managed model with direct to store deliveries and full instore ordering and merchandising. This model releases valuable warehouse space for the retailer, eliminates impact on the retailer’s supply chain and completely frees up in-store staff to be focused on servicing the consumer. This service can be tailored to the ROS and delivery frequency of each store, and benefits from capturing in store photography, analysis and compliance audits.

100% on time every time is an ambitious target and requires a commitment to excellence across all of our systems, processes and people. Through our investments in staff training and our Warehouse Management & Quality Control systems we have achieved a near perfect delivery accuracy scorecard (>99.99%) over 5 years of monthly audits commissioned by our major customers.


listen & learn from the consumer

>The consumer is at the heart of development, as we maintain the balance between quality and value

We connect with our consumers through our online platforms, consumer shows and independent market research studies. This connection is a vital part of our strategy as their feedback shapes product development, enabling us to meet the demands of the consumer and deliver better value to our retailers.

Working with consumer loyalty insights and sales data we understand category dynamics and consumer behaviours within each retailer. This enables us to build dynamic ranging and promotions to drive excitement and maximise category performance.


smart sourcing & supply chain

>A trusted and efficient supply chain supporting the development and replenishment of our products

With more than 50 years sourcing products across the globe, Korbond has a proven track record in sourcing, procurement and supply chain management. With an office located in Southern China we have a team on the ground to manage the local operations, and we have long-standing deep relationships throughout China, India and Europe. We have a breadth of capabilities across our product categories and can service products across the spectrum of Good, Better and Best.

We operate in total collaboration and partnership with our supply chain, which is often referred to as the Korbond Family. Working together we each take responsibility to sustain our standards and seek continual improvements. We have an integrated Quality Control system, with transparency and visibility at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring our products arrive on time, to specification and ultimately deliver excellent value for both the retailer and consumer.


better decisions through smart data

>In-depth data analysis ensures that the full supply chain performs to maximise ROI

Getting products on the shelf is only the start of the sales process and what follows can make the difference between a poor performing range and a great performing range. With our investments in data analytics we continually analyse on-shelf performance allowing us to fine tune product selection, fixture configuration and compliance to maximise retail performance. When combined with our direct to store fully merchandised offering these adjustments can be made seamlessly in-store with minimal impact on the store or staff.


quality & ethical standards

>Our products adhere to legal regulations and are sourced ethically and sustainably

We ensure our business, our supply chain and our products align to international standards. To ensure transparency across the supply chain we are a member of the SEDEX ethical trade platform and align ourselves to the ETI. The Korbond warehouse is SMETA approved. We work with all of our suppliers to ensure that they all achieve and continue to meet and improve upon industry and international recognised standards and accreditations.

Korbond is accredited to ISO 18001 and actively working towards 9001 & 14001 as we continue to improve our standards of operation. As we deliver on our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we are continually improving our emissions, packaging composition and our recycling and waste management. We take pride in what we do and hold a deep care for our supply chain, customers, consumers and the environment.


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We have long standing relationships across many sectors of retail, working in collaboration with many of our customers for over 30 years...


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Within our categories we offer trusted brands, and where required we can also provide a bespoke or private label product to cater for different retailer needs.


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